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written by Deke | 159 Views | 6 Replies
Suggestion - since we're going to live with the problem of equipment being deleted from ships, it might be helpful to folks if we have a 'ships with known issues' thread to help others make informed ship buying decisions.

If so, here are the ones I know of:

- Essedarius Transport, loses all guns and shield
- Kestrel Freighter, loses shield
- Liberty Cruiser, loses turrets in turret slots 1 & 5 only
- Waran Bomber, loses engine
written by Glock | 64 Views | 0 Replies
Like the HF ID which says you can not use anything bigger than a Cruiser, please know that part of the ID we do NOT listen to here.

Now, this does not mean to just disregard all IDs and so forth. Pirates are limited to cargo usage, Junkers too and other factions have limits we need to listen to. However, to limit a faction to not being able to use their own BS is in fact BS. O.o Just makes ZERO sense to me anyhow.

If in doubt ASK before buying the ship, please. Save ya some cash, time and annoyance because normally I have found people tend to blame ME when they buy a ship they should not have bought and then find out they have to sell it OR have me re-ID it for them. That always goofs their rep up though and takes a lot of work to fix.

So feel free to use this forum to ask if you can do this or that with IDS.

written by Rioch Rotbard | 85 Views | 1 Reply
This post is just to remind people of a few minor Rule issues . First off : Nomads and Wild are HOSTILE to ALL other Species IDs in-game . There is NO exception to this at this time . So , a Freelancer flying into Wild Space and acquiring a Wild or Nomad Ship and Equipment is a violation of Your ID Role Play . Nomad/Hybrid Equipment is accessible , but only from the Order . So , if You are not Hostile to the Order , You can purchase from Them . Then the Hybrid stuff CAN be sold from Player Bases to Anyone that is allowed to dock at That Base .

Glock also has a couple of Bases that are set up with goodies from around the Greater Sirius sector . Finding those Bases is Your job , though !  Tongue

Secondly : Since the Rep engine is pretty much toasted due to GC Hard-coding Faction Reps into the Mod , there is one Rule You can follow to ensure You are following ID RP ; If You are Lawful , You can NOT be friendly with Unlawful ! Cops and Pirates only work together on TV !

Thirdly : Jump Drives are still only for use on Military Ships at the moment . This issue is slated for discussion soon , but the Rule is still valid until further notice .

Thank You for actually Reading this instead of getting caught in the wrong by Our GUIDEs in-game !

Rioch Rotbard

written by Glock | 406 Views | 29 Replies
I know we got at least one modder here that should know how to fix this STUPID issue. This has GOT to be fixed or we will have to go back to the earlier version that wasn't screwed up like this.


written by Glock | 265 Views | 10 Replies
EDIT: Some of the following ships CAN be used by Freelancer ID and the like but not all. I just lumped ALL transports that are not faction owned into this group so we can see what we can work with, change, have fun with etc. and because some may not even know you can fly these and/or they exist.

Below is a list of ships we MAY consider opening to ALL ID use, providing it meets the cargo requirements of the ID used.

So go through the list below, comment on what you think should and should not be added to the list of ships that CAN be used. The ships below are Civilian Owned, NOT faction owned, for the most part.

So what says the server pop?

Small Transports:
CT-39X "Albatross" Civilian Transport 2,000 Cargo
Series "DL" Border Worlds Transport 3,500
"Democritus" Luxury Yacht 2,700
CT-49X "Gull" Civilian Transport 1,000
DU5-7Y "Hegemon" Asteroid Miner 2,750
CT-53 "Heron" Civilian Train 3,000
"Pelican" Civilian Armored Transport 800
BK-65 "Serenity"-class Transport 3,600
"Taureau" Gallic Armored Transport 3,000

Medium Transports: ...... Read More
written by Glock | 382 Views | 20 Replies
Your amazing HEAD GUIDE KRULL has VICIOUSLY attacked one of my WEAKNESSES, that of being a JUNKER cause I LOVE that faction, and has filed the following with me.

"Alrighty, let's start by mentioning the Cargo Hauler that I tested. The "Essedarius" Corsair Train is an actual in-game available Ship. It is found at the Tripoli Shipyard in Gamma (I think It's Gamma). Now it has a Cargo capacity of 4450, before Gear and Weapons are added, and any Corsair can fly one of these.

Now, The Junker ID states that a Junker can only fly a Ship up to 4300 cargo, and have the Pirate Train as Their Hauler. That Ship is either 4200 or 4300 Cargo capacity. Since We've discussed and approved That Ship as the Only exception for the Cargo restrictions of Freelancers, I wanted to suggest the Corsair Train as the only exception for the Junker Cargo restriction. Still not allowing the 5k, even though I don't see why Junkers have been given the Shaft and not seen as a Pseudo-Corporation."

I have NO problems with this change what so ever. It is not much of an extra cargo change really BUT he tells me this is one nice ship to fly too. We KNOW the Pirate Train has some "ISSUES" with trade lanes to be honest so maybe this will be a good alt to go to.

Read More
written by Glock | 721 Views | 37 Replies
So please think carefully and FAIRLY and DISCUSS what you believe is FAIR to make the modules build rates at. The current rates HAVE been restored to the INSANE GC rates, good luck building anything alone without an ARMY OF HELP.

So I thought I would do what "PTC" now CHAOS, is known for and allow YOU the players to make it how YOU want it to be.

Below is the rates at which it is at right now. YOU talk about it and decide what is fair to set them at. To low makes it to easy and if we OLD FOLKS remember EASY MEANS NO ONE APPRECIATES what they have. Remember when they got Battleships real fast and easy due to the massive amount of mining money. Giving them the chance to buy one and outfit it in a DAY? Remember how they treated everyone because of it? YEA WE NEED NOT DO THAT AGAIN EH?

However, we also cannot let it stand like this or we may as well just BUY all the mods.

So here you go, here are the set rates, talk about it and figure out what would be fair. Make sure to think about what mods should be easiest to make and which should be very hard to make, and we will vote on it and set them as YOU want them.

Core Upgrade Level 1 through level 4 Levels 5 - 10 must be done by ADMIN.

hull_segments, 40000
industrial_hardware, 100000
robotic_hardware, 40000
Read More
written by Rioch Rotbard | 187 Views | 2 Replies
All Player Base Creation Rules:

11A:    OFFICIAL FACTION PLAYER BASES: If you become an official faction you get ONE FREE Class 10 base. You must create the modules for it though, sorry you know how it is, gotta work for whatcha got then you have pride for it. You will be asked to create the first starter base, this way it is locked to YOU, YOUR SHIP, and so on. When it is finished contact Glock and it will be modified to a class 10. Do NOT build your base closer than 10k from anything you can dock on. Bases, planets, trade lanes, jump gates/holes, etc. If you do it will be removed until you remake a base in the proper place.

11B:    NON-OFFICIAL PLAYER BASE CREATION: You are welcome to make a base in pretty much any system with the following exceptions. NO base can be any closer than 10k from ANYTHING you can dock on. That goes for trade lanes, jump gates/holes, bases, planets, etc. if you do plant your base closer it will be removed until you remake a new base far enough away. Then the base files will be added to the new base you created. (It is FAR too hard to move a base due to the coords goofing it all up no matter how hard you try to get it right.)

11C: PLAYER BASES BY MINING AREAS: You MAY place a base near with the following restrictions. You may NOT place ...... Read More
written by Glock | 353 Views | 10 Replies
Although this rule may NOT remain in effect forever, for now, we are lifting the ship multi-restriction. Meaning you can run more than TWO ships online at one time.

Now I will, however, allow KRULL to make the final judgment as to how many as he has to police the server. So you need to wait for his decision as to how many he will allow at one time.

I will not mention names, SWIFTWING LOL, but I have heard of people running 10 ships at a time before this post. Please remain within the rules to keep your ships from that terrible place we all call, PRISON. I will be watching from time to time.


written by Glock | 131 Views | 2 Replies
What is this world coming to when you have to HIRE A PIRATE TO DO YOUR FORUM MANAGER WORK? AHHHHH! HELP ME LORD!!!!

Okay seriously, one of our LONGEST players here is of course RIOCH, one of our meanest pirates BUT best MN leaders we ever had sooo it is my great pleasure to have Rioch take over the FORUMS help for me. Below is why the changes are needed and I do hope you understand, if not, TO BAD.

So everyone say, "OH CRAP!": Oh I mean "Welcome Rioch please make sure to help me even if I am NOT A PIRATE...." LOL He is very fair and never takes his role outside the game no worries.

Okay now the WHY!!!!

For the majority of my daughter's life I sat behond this monitor, okay actually it was another one that finally blew up due to use, BUT!!!! I say here 14 hours a day waiting on your every need. Those that were here back then will know very few times they would not get an instant respense to ANYTHING they needed because I never left the forums. That RUINED my relationship with my daughter and her life to be honest and I am a FOOL for doing that. MEN do NOT do what I did your daughters NEED YOU IN THEIR LIFE BADLY. I did not see that, I thought, "Hey I'm here if she needs me so be it." MORON!

I am now raising her son as my own and there is no snowballs chance on the sun I will repeat that moronic move. Hence I play with him, watch movies, and do stuff as I am able to ...... Read More
written by Glock | 247 Views | 5 Replies
Give a hand to KRULL as he has been a great help here and very, therefore,ill. So therefore KRULL is our HEAD GUIDE. Any issues you may have can be directed to KRULL and he will get ahold of me if it is something he cannot fix.


written by Glock | 172 Views | 2 Replies
I am HOPING all the bases took the change but chances are they haven't so please go check your base and make sure it is not using materials and decaying, make sure it is a class 10, HUGE BASE, and let me know if it isn't.

Not everything is free these days ya know so YOU will need to go get the goodies to make your hull max out to 124,000,000 which is what a class 10 base should be. Most of your bases are at 24,000,000 SO GET ON IT.

Let KRULL know or PM me though it may take longer for me to respond. KRULL can call me if there is any issues.

Glock says ENJOY YOUR MONSTER BASES and remembers this means you have a MASSIVE amount of module upgrades you can do now.

Also, if you are close to any dockable thing do NOT put turrets on that base or GLOCK WILL EAT YOUR BASE and possibly spew it out into a new system for funsies.
written by Glock | 239 Views | 1 Reply

Alrighty , let's try this again . click this link   download the file . Open Your 48.70 files , remove or rename Your Data and EXE folders , unzip downloaded file to Your 48.70 folder . Should update You to same version as Server .

Please post success or failure . We are trying hard to get Y'all in-game so You can play and enjoy the Game with Us  yes

written by Glock | 1398 Views | 29 Replies
If you think you have what it takes to be an ADMIN here, bring the server back to life, I mean the Freelancer part, NOT what I have planned for the future of the VM, more on that another day though.

Then PM me with what you think would indeed bring the server back, IF that is possible, and you may be given the task of doing just what you believe will work. I long to see it live again, BUT, well I will save my BUTTS for another time I guess.  rolleyes2

PM me, I will TRY to get to your PM's as I am physically able to do so, IF it takes me a bit please do me a big favor and UNDERSTAND and deal wit it.  Tongue

Looking forward to seeing you AMAZING PLANS to make the server relive.

Later I will post what plans I am in the works of that has NOTHING to do with Freelancer, to be honest but some may like it anyhow, some wont. But with only about 10 people left, I guess I can't tick off too many at this point, EH? LOL

Oh and please know I will be deciding myself as to who I think will be the best at this position, IF anyone even sends anything in. Just for the record, this does NOT obligate me to choose any of them, or just one if that is all that is sent BUT I will share with you all what is being sent in as best I can IF the person wishes me to of course. Some folks are very tricky and covert you know.

Glock the decrepit old man.  rip
written by Glock | 1301 Views | 2 Replies
So Mr. HOOLIGAN tells me the front page of our beloved forums, and I QUOTE: " the front page of the forums look like my bed on laundry day."

OH REALLY MR. HOOLIGAN?! Well sir thank you VERY much you rotten so and so..... LOL

So why does it look like this? Well frankly because it is about 15 YEARS over due for an upgrade. WHY? Because ALL the upgrades they want us to do will RUIN the formatting it has now and make it VERY BLAND. So much so Xevious REFUSED to upgrade it. Yea it is THAT FAR UN-UPGRADED even he refused to upgrade it. I have simply followed suit, to be honest and after I looked at the "Newest Formats for your forums" and then promptly vomited in the trash can next to me, although they did look CHAOTIC  tongue2

So here is my challenge to YOU ALL..... I gave him the challenge BUT he isn't up to it I bet. He is ALL TALK you know. Like when he flies around in a fighter and CLAIMS to be all big and bad but when you get to him he just flies away with his tail between his legs screaming like a little girl, "Oh don't kill me please please don't kill me...." Sorry I let the anger of his comments about my front page get to me there for a second....  hahanot

So here is a site TRON recommended to use for building a forums based website, maybe with a WIKI attached (HINT HINT). I am welcoming EVERYONE that wishes to ...... Read More
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April 20, 2018, 06:52:53 pm
Welcome our newest player Jaredh. If he proves to be a spammer let either KRULL or myself know. His IP{ did not come up with nuttin but his name is HMMMMM!!! Ya know what I mean. But if your real COOL MAN welcome, if not the AX IS COMING...
April 20, 2018, 06:41:12 pm
Sorry for the non-existence here for the last few days. Tye got really sick thanks to his dad, MORON! I am just now getting well, I haven't been sick for over 11 years. Gonna smack that guy right in THE MOUTH I TELL YOU. LOL
April 20, 2018, 02:25:30 pm
Alrighty , Just swapped out My over-heated 4 core for a new 8 core . My Guide Ship will now fly faster backwards than Player Ships do forward !
April 17, 2018, 03:43:03 pm
thats why i always loved american servers for 20 years, when germany sleeps, here is the action. and it kept my english skills up. but now i am missing the live here. for sure RL is not allowing here to play 3pm, mpls shout here what time you able to play
April 17, 2018, 03:17:45 pm
me and pipi ruled
April 17, 2018, 03:17:15 pm
25 dead bs, 50 cruisere and countless other npc didnt leave hamps alive lol
April 17, 2018, 03:16:15 pm
i was wrong, the server worked very good the last 2 hours, maybe that was only temporary
April 17, 2018, 01:15:14 pm
server on the fritz again
April 16, 2018, 07:11:22 pm
i wish this server gets  full of live again, so pls everybody that also like this mod version, play at least here and make it alive again
April 15, 2018, 02:48:36 pm
Server is doing well today . Was in-game close to 3 hours with no problems at all . Just logged off about 5 minutes prior to this shout .
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