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written by Glock | 19 Views | 0 Replies
Every NEW 4.87 Player can request 1.5 Billion credits for use on our 4.87 server.

Please create a NEW Ship on the 4.87 server. UNDOCK IT and redock it, feel free to fly it around as much as you wish. Send me the name of that ship, the name YOU NAMED IT NOT THE TYPE OF SHIP IT IS  Roll Eyes and I will add the cash as soon as I possibly can.

THEN..... spend it on ME AS FAST AS YOU CAN..... Okay FINE spend it on whatever you want I guess. Stingy people I tell you.

If you wish to remain anonymous feel free to send me a private message with the ship name and I will make sure to get your the cash and no one will know your ship name.

Good luck out there.

written by Glock | 61 Views | 7 Replies

If you have a new base it HAS been worked on today so please check it to make sure the changes took. Here is what I did.

All NEW bases has had the following done to it.

First however let me explain the following. Since I was unable to work on them for suck a long time I gave you all a couple of small tiny little bonuses to help ya out.  angel I would like you to check your base/s (some of you seem to have a few TO MANY bases, huh Mr FLIMP  wideeyed and YES each of your bases got the same things even if you do have more than one. No one got anything different, except for one base which got less because I do not think it is an active base, if it is I will give you the same as ...... Read More
written by Glock | 42 Views | 2 Replies
Okay folks my deepest apologies to you all first and foremost. Our weather has kept us locked into our tiny town as our roads have been flooded out with one bridge destroyed the other road flooded out at times. the electric down net down and  as I will talk about in a private letter later our family issues with my daughter and our grandson has been shall we say INSANE!! So please forgive me but I have had my plate full with trying to keep to pontoons on the car so we can float to our doctor appointments, get to church and get food WHEN we can even get out of our town. "Row row row your car, gentle down the road...."

Okay back to topic....

Hooligan tells me we once again have 4.87 running again which is what I have been waiting fer. So providing that is indeed the case, this discussion for 4.87 NOT for 4.88 cause as I said before I just cannot do anything with 4.88 to make any change with it.

SOOOO here we go. ...... Read More
written by Glock | 349 Views | 8 Replies
Seems there are some even more amazing bugs with 4.88. People are now losing their engines, guns and so on. So if this has happened to you, this is all I can do for you. IT'S MAGIC THEY GOES GO POOF!!!!

CHECK YOUR SHIP BEFORE UNDOCKING..... Make sure it has everything mounted or you may be floating in space for a while, if it lets you undock. If you leave the game with your ship in space, there is a change you will return and not have the engine or other items mounted. Needless to say if this happens your dead in the water until either a GUIDE comes on and beams you to the closest base or I move you to one via the files.

If you need me to move your ship, PM me the name of the ship IF it is out in space. I will put your ship onto one of the bases/planets in that system so you can remount whatever was unmounted. If your ship is already docked you should be able to remount it.

PLEASE NOTE THE ...... Read More
written by Glock | 1717 Views | 76 Replies
UPDATE 1/23/17:

NOTE: The 4.87 server IS already up and running, just waiting for the IP addresses to be swapped.

Had a phone call with TRON about an hour ago. Here is what I learned and our plans.

We do have two servers, though we had issues trying to get two going at once due to IP issues. That can be fixed, WE THINK ANY HOW.....

Here is what IS going on and gonna happen. First, BIT is going to be changing the IP addresses so that the "back-up server" , will now be the main server which will be running 4.87. The current "Main Server" will take a back seat and become the back-up server. NEVER FEAR however neither are better than the other, they are both virtual machines so you will never know we are running on another server. Cool eh?

So get ready for it as TRON tells me BIT can have it done in minutes AND ...... Read More
written by Glock | 376 Views | 11 Replies
The following bases need to be accounted for. When you do so I will make your base SPECIAL. It will no longer use any food, O2, or repair items. Nor will you need to have people on the base unless it get's damaged. You will need to keep fuel on the base in case it is attacked though.

So the following bases need to be claimed with the following information please.

If you wish to keep your ownership a secrete that is fine and dandy just send the info to Glock via a private post. I promise no one will know but us. If by some chance you have already told me you own the base listed just do so again cause I prolly lost the info and with 330 PAGES of PMs I ain't going back through it all to find the info.

The info to send is the following. Base name, System it is in, Distance from the closest thing you can dock with (trade lanes, jump gates/holes, bases, planets, etc.) and/or how close to a mining field it is. ...... Read More
written by Glock | 1186 Views | 19 Replies
Hey guys, gals and well whatever else may be floating around out there is CHAOS SPACE.  evillaugh

Providing we go back to 4.87 we can change things as WE want them to be, SOOO on that note.......

I would LOVE to hear what YOU think will make this server stand out the best. What kind of runs would YOU like to see being made, what kind of smuggling routes, and how would YOU do the mining if you were me?

This is YOUR TIME to help mold CHAOS the way you want it to be. The time for going with the stats quo is OVER MAN......

I look forward to hearing EVERYTHING you think will make it great here.

AFTER THOUGHT: Please also consider ALL Reputations faction allies/enemies/neutrals as changeable as well.  yes

written by Glock | 535 Views | 6 Replies
If you have build a base please read this and respond either here on the forums or send me a private PM. Anyone NOT doing so may find their base has been removed until they do so. I wont delete them unless you refuse to respond, then I will figure you just don't want it any how.

Okay so we currently have 29 bases in all. 4 are ADMIN bases I have made for you guys to use and enjoy. NOPE I AM NOT TELLING YOU WHERE ALL OF THEM ARE. Gotta go DISCOVER them eh? lol (NOTE: RP stands for Role Play. That is what your character is acting like in game. Sadly I have found few know what this means these days so I had to add this ya know.)

The following bases need to be claimed by their owners with the following information given to me please. Base name, Forum Name if it is different from the one your using  blink System the base is located in, how far it is from the closest dockable thing (bases, jump gates/jump holes/lanes, or mine ...... Read More
written by Glock | 217 Views | 0 Replies
First welcome to CHAOS, we are very happy you have come here to check us out.

I would like to offer all new players a 100 MIL QUICK START BONUS  if they would like to take advantage of it. Just our way of saying, Welcome to CHAOS we hope you enjoy your time here and stick around. To get your quick start bonus please PM Glock or Hooligan on the forums. Tell us the name of the ship you started here with, not the type of ship please the name YOU named it.  Roll Eyes You'd be surprised how many say, "It's a Liberty navy cruiser...." Which makes it so easy for me to find it since there are currently about 2,332 of them out there. LOL Then we will make sure you are indeed new and then add the cash to your ship.

To sign up on the forums please do so and then send Glock an email at the below email address to make sure I get you set up faster.

We have ...... Read More
written by Glock | 652 Views | 6 Replies
First, let's understand a few things boys and girls. TRON is GRACIOUSLY allowing us to piggy back onto HIS servers of which HE pays $500 - $800 a MONTH for every month. He is not charging me, which is good because we have no donations and i would have had to shut it down if he did charge us. So by his GRACE alone we are able to even play the game. Maybe the saying BEGGARS CAN'T BE CHOOSERS! Should apply here eh? I am a beggar for sure when it comes to free server space, even if my own Ministry website never has worked. COUGH hoping TRON READ THAT PART. LOL

Second, Freelancer is , let's all be truthful here eh, DEAD! Only a tiny handful still play and yet we STILL keep this up for you tiny few. WHY because we love you. O.O

Third, TRON runs website for government entities and makes it a MASSIVE felony to tamper with. HENCE ANY AND ALL ISSUES that could even remotely compromise these sites, servers etc, MANDATES a total shut down and ...... Read More
written by Glock | 693 Views | 6 Replies
Okay folks get back onto your ships and get out there and do some trading, SMUGGLIN, or just whatever FEELS GOOD I guess.

Reports tell us the server is once again working right and not being stupid. Maybe they got their junk fixed eh?

written by Glock | 286 Views | 0 Replies
BASE FILE EDITS: Please note due to the issues we are HOPING are resolved soon, I have gone ahead and made sure ALL bases are set to "Dont_Eat & Dont_Rust so they will NOT take ANY damage unless they are attacked by another player and we are asking no one attacks bases right now please, and YES it makes a log of all attacks on bases so I will know if ya do.  yes You do NOT need personnel, food, water, or O2 on the bases any more UNLESS you are building a new module of some kind. They you MUST re-stock the base with the max number of people, 200 per level, food and so forth.

Also, I have maxed out the health of the bases as well to make sure they are all set up well as some were very close to blowing up in fact. No longer will you need to worry about them while we are having these issues and we do hope to have the net working well again soon.

Please ...... Read More
written by Hooligan | 718 Views | 6 Replies
Here is a pic of 2 different trace routes. one from the server. Top left. And the  other trace rote from my machine to the forums. from the server machine you can see the trace times out after the vegas hub. Sometimes the denver hub either times out or just flat out pings almost 2000ms..

The bottom right trace route from my machine shows a bad connection at hub, which is a hub in Kansas.. It depends on where your net routes through on how your connection is is routed between you and the sites you ping/go to...

Try it for yourself. Open command prompt and use this command:  tracert website/IP  like so  tracert  or tracert .

The trace route will show you every hub your connection has to go through to get to whatever site you are trying to ping. It will also show you how it connects at each point by pinging each hub 3 times. A *  denotes a timeout ...... Read More
written by Glock | 1624 Views | 26 Replies
I guess I need to clarify this:

Until the connection issues can be resolved. I highly recommend not even logging into the server. The server itself is working perfectly. And it will continue to ban characters. None of this nonsense will stop until the connection issues on the ISP's end, get fixed. There is absolutely nothing we can do about it. This is actually a nation wide issue we are experiencing here. And it does actually affect global connections as well. But being that our server is located within a couple hundred miles of the actual problem, we (the server itself) are most affected.

Again, unless you want to continuously have to ask me to unban characters, just don't login. Sorry. Now, I do not mind unbanning characters for ya'll. But it needs to be understood that this will continue until the ISP finally fixes the issues. For now, I highly recommend just making a list of all your characters that got banned and ...... Read More
written by Glock | 348 Views | 0 Replies
The staff and CHAOS players wants to remind ALL players this is not GC or any other server. this is CHAOS and though the name may sound like we are a crazy adult server we are not "adult" as we do have children and families playing here. Thus we respectfully ask ALL players to keep ALL chat lines family friendly at all times. As you can see by the current sanctions we DO read the chats, private chats as well and will sanction all players using curse words or foul talk. We desire RP talk always but you can RP without foul language, YES IT CAN BE DONE, we have been doing so here for over 10 years now. So please friends respect the people here, respect yourself and have a blast, in fact blast others but do so without using blasting language that is unfitting for human beings.
Although banning IS our last resort we sadly will ban you if we must, please do not make us ban you.
Thank you so much for your respectful RP fun.
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Today at 06:15:17 am
AHHH HA that explains it. okay Rioch take em out. LOL Just kidding don't do it man I was just kidding ya know. you gotta make sure with Rioch he LOVES takin out bases don't ya know. LOL
Today at 05:54:55 am
well there kurt, we clearly have put up beam scramblers, how else are we going to repel invaders? Wink
Today at 02:37:30 am
Yesterday at 03:16:33 pm
For some reason Flimp your base is causing crashing when they beam to it, NOT to sure why but they are trying to figure out why. The oddities of 4.88 still baffle the mind.
Yesterday at 01:28:26 pm
Lol. My bad. But I do find my curiosity wondering y you was beaming to and from my bases  Smiley
Yesterday at 10:18:31 am
LOL , I was responsible for that , for some reason , 2 or 3 times last night . Wait , it also had something to do with beaming to and from Your Base , flimp . Way to be a part of the Community !  Wink yay!
Yesterday at 05:41:11 am
server seams to be on a crashing spree
February 20, 2017, 07:30:50 pm
Thanks glock. That means as soon as the weekend gets here Ican start building my new empire Smiley
February 20, 2017, 05:25:39 pm
Flimp I found a ship named Flimp oddly enough and added a tad bit of coin onto it. Now don't go spending it all on one ship now. ENJOY BIG RICH FELLER.
February 20, 2017, 05:13:35 pm
Flimp I would be happy to do so PM me your ship name bro aS I am still here and Ill be glad to get it for ya.
February 20, 2017, 02:52:53 pm
@Glock glad you ok, on the plus side the droughts over for you.
February 20, 2017, 02:51:06 pm
Anyway I can get some starter cash on 4.87? Got flimp already placedar on the server.
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