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written by Glock | 81 Views | 2 Replies
Due to some very UNPROFITABLE RUNS,  thinking that seems to now be the current mod Hooligan had a good idea to change the prices files back to what we had it before the new mod change.

SOOOOOOO!!!! if you remember what the runs were when we did the Christmas change, some time ago, you will be on your way to profit city. If not buy your info or DISCOVER it.

This does mean the smuggling runs are also back as well.  yay!

Have fun  and remember to donate your fair share to Don Lucky Luciano.

Sorry he made me say that.

written by Glock | 85 Views | 0 Replies
It is my desire to add some good smuggling runs into the game, GC has all but removed most of them. So put your thinking caps on and come up with some good ideas for some runs.

Here are the requirements I am looking for.


1.    Runs MUST be several systems from each other. The further away the more money they will make the smuggler....

2.    The items being smuggled cannot be purchased in any system near the sales area. Try to make sure there is no purchase points within the same distance as the first purchase point you come up with.

3.    Items MUST be illegal in most systems, although some times this is not always the case of course but for the majority of systems it should be illegal goods.

4.    Making the sale point in Gallic systems will be a major PLUS as we want to ...... Read More
written by Glock | 261 Views | 11 Replies
Hey folks Texas is having MORE bad weather so the server may go down here and there. If it does and the auto restart doesn't kick in please call me, Glock (Ron) so i can get it restarted. No matter the time just call.


written by Glock | 106 Views | 0 Replies
Okay folks for now you are welcome to fly as many ships as you wish or can handle.

Just remember, if you get pirated they WILL hit each ship for the pirating fees so be aware.


Go for it have fun make oooooodles of money, buy a class 10 base and stock it good.

written by Glock | 589 Views | 6 Replies
Well we knew it was coming and it did. BIT let me know they had to change the Server and Team Speak IP so currently we are not showing in the server listing again.

So you must add our IP to your arguments in the SHORTCUT to Flreelancer 4.88 it should look like this:
"C:\Users\NAME\Documents\Discovery Freelancer 4.88.1\EXE\Freelancer.exe" -s173.185.183.156:2302 -dx -newplayer -dptplayer -s8.28.152.247:2302

The other coding is for other goodies you can have running as I do.
I tried just adding our IP to the DSLaunchers "Option Arguments" Didn't do any good until I also added it to the shortcut. THEN BINGO ther ewe are again.

Here is BIT's note to me with the IP Changes:

Had to change IP's of the game servers and teamspeak host due to transfer to new ISP, you will need to update the IP's where needed.

Game Servers ...... Read More
written by Glock | 332 Views | 9 Replies
CHAOS is DIFFERENT, we all know this or should any how. We have been different since Xevious created PTC and bless him for it. PTC prided it's self on being a place where we could come to play without MASSIVE rules that made playing no fun, annoying, a place where people were banned quickly and the lists go on. MANY of us (ME included) came here from other places because of issues that made other places hard to play due to rule issues or staff that was hard to deal with and we found a home here. This is something I have tried to keep alive for the past 10 years.

However, even with that we still have our "RULES", keeping the newly formed "CHAOS SYSTEMS" out of thought right now, since there are virtually no rules up there in Gallic space aside from griefing, cursing rules and the like RP rules are well not there to give players a fun places to just ...... Read More
written by Glock | 368 Views | 11 Replies
Seems TRON & BIT had to move their business a LONG way away yesterday, across the street from their old business, can you imagine the move from that far away  Undecided due to the new owner of the building taken over locking the doors of the buildings he now owns and claiming everything inside as his own. They cannot take the chance of this happening to their equipment, specially if you know what they do for a real life, and no we are not what they do for a real life  cantlook specially since we don't pay they a thin dime they give us this server for FREE which is a pretty good deal and why we can't get to upset with them when we have an outage like this eh?

Any how they still have some work to do to get it all hooked up over there. So let's give them a break eh.

Oh and for you TECHIES out there we have been working on a 5 by 5 server but no longer! NOPE we will be running an 8 BY 8 SERVER NOW. MUWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! ...... Read More
written by Glock | 371 Views | 0 Replies

11/14: ALL have been renamed to make it easier to find the restart you want. Picture below shows the new list. I am starting with the first one and going through each making new restarts with new ships that match the RP of the faction, 250k, and making sure the Reps are set right.

The current List of restarts have been changed. Trading factions are being given the Sunburst, with 2 mining turrets and 2 regular guns, as well as a 24k shield as I had no choice so you get lucky this time, (I will make them more faction oriented down the road).

Fighting factions will get a Medium fighter and gun load out. (Please note I am working on trading, mining and smuggling factions first. I will get to the fighting factions next. )

RESTARTS CURRENTLY FIXED: NOTE: (Most of these will ...... Read More
written by Glock | 295 Views | 0 Replies




If you have Windows 7 or above you should be fine, but in the event you want to be sure, you can download .Net Framework here from microsoft.
Read More
written by Glock | 2097 Views | 54 Replies
Although, true to form, GC doesn't have the man power to get the wiki up to date completely, there is some good info there.

So brush up on what they have changed, and share it with us.

We have been looking at ships and it seems they have been refining them. Many look a lot more refined, some look totally different, wait till you see the Out Cast bomber for instance. AA couple, Hooligan says are GOOFY, but then that's coming from Hooligan so you be the judge eh?

We have been told the Phantoms are no longer a playable faction. We have no idea what they have done with the Wild's yet, maybe some one can figure it out. We have a plan for the Phantoms MUWAHAHAHAHA but we will let you know about that down the road.

No idea what any of the other faction reps are like and so on. Commodities, smuggling, ore or even regular items. So ddo some research and let us know whatcha find out.

Here is the site: ...... Read More
written by Glock | 936 Views | 12 Replies
To prevent you from having to see threads and sections that you are not interested in I will set everyone up in such a way they will not have to view any of the game threads they are not interested in. At least this is my plan any how.

So far we are featuring 3 games on the forums, each having their own sections. So please sign up for the ones you are interested in and if I do this right you will be able to sign into the forums and only see those threads and nothing else.


So just type in the ones you are interested in, and if you have a suggestion for other forums feel free to add them to the bottom and be willing to go RECRUIT PEEPS TOO. O.o

1.    Freelancer CHAOS Mod ...... Read More
written by Glock | 5129 Views | 0 Replies
The Following is a SHORT summary of the rules BUT it is YOUR DUTY to read them all and failure to do so is not our fault. SO if you get into trouble and get hung by your toes on the clothes line outside in the winter, we warned you.


1. Agree to the following Rules or play some where else.


2A: Cheaters Get seriously messed up and even banned here, don't do it.
2B:    AUTOMATION TOOLS: Don't use macros, aimbots Etc. We have the cheat detection on FULL and you will be caught plus only losers use them!

2C:    EXPLOITS: Don't use ANY of them and if the ADMIN sets up a ...... Read More
written by Glock | 16558 Views | 7 Replies
Discovery PTC Forum & Server Rules: Revised for 4.86 Mod 2013 Edition

Discovery PTC uses an extended subset of the official Discovery Freelancer rules to create a "relaxed RP" environment regarding open travel and unlimited weapons usage. Please make sure to read these rules as well as the detailed portions for better understanding. Ignorance of these rules is not an excuse for breaking them; violators may be penalized at the discretion of server staff.

Current rule set. From the Vets to the new people to PTC because MUCH has changed to make PTC better we hope. Much more MAY need to be changed but with your help we will get there. The following are the rules for the PTC Forums/In-Game servers. Everyone must agree to abide by these rules in order to have full access to the forums. Failure to adhere to these rules In-Game or on the forums WILL result in warnings to the ...... Read More
written by Xevious | 2637 Views | 0 Replies

Forum Reputation System

The Discovery PTC Forums utilize a custom SMF reputation engine.  This one is nicer than the old SMF Karma system, but a little less intuitive.  To add or take reputation from a user, click on the little blue heart at the bottom of the side bar to the left of their post.  See the image to the right?  It's right next to the little View Profile and Mail icons.

Some details about the forum reputation system:

 * Feel free to give feedback daily.  Each user is allowed to provide reputation feedback up to 10 times a day.  

 * The system restricts users from providing chain feedback to the same user.  You must spread your feedback around before providing reputation to the same user again.

 * Each user has their own "Reputation Power".  The higher your ...... Read More
written by Xevious | 2931 Views | 1 Reply

Relaxed RP Explained

To clear up some confusion here, let me refer everyone to the About Discovery PTC post.

There have been people quoted as saying this is a PvP server and that RP is optional.  This is NOT the case.  I've taken the liberty of reordering the text here a bit to put it in context on this topic:

"Relaxed RP DOES NOT mean, however, that we are throwing out the essence of RP, nor are we a PvP only server.  There are actually several good PvP oriented servers available to the Freelancer community, and if you want minimal to no RP and a PvP only focus, we suggest you look into some of those.

Having said that, we certainly enjoy a good PvP bout in the proper context -- between willing participants in small or large encounters, in either RP engagements out in the ...... Read More
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Indeedy happy fathers day and for us OLD PEOPLE I.E. Grandpa's, double happy fathers day. We've put up with you all longer. LOL
June 19, 2016, 05:32:03 pm
Lexx is getting hungry.
June 19, 2016, 04:16:21 am
Happy Fathers Day to all the Dads and Grandpa's!
June 14, 2016, 10:11:41 am
Ok, server is back. have fun.
June 14, 2016, 09:46:00 am
I am performing maintinence on the server. I thik people may find a stabler connection and performance when I am done.
June 14, 2016, 05:44:02 am
Thanks for the tips, I think I got it, or at least it is no longer throwing ads at me now. WOOT! We shall see and time will tell me thinks.
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