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written by Glock | 74 Views | 2 Replies
Okay folks get back onto your ships and get out there and do some trading, SMUGGLIN, or just whatever FEELS GOOD I guess.

Reports tell us the server is once again working right and not being stupid. Maybe they got their junk fixed eh?

written by Glock | 105 Views | 0 Replies
BASE FILE EDITS: Please note due to the issues we are HOPING are resolved soon, I have gone ahead and made sure ALL bases are set to "Dont_Eat & Dont_Rust so they will NOT take ANY damage unless they are attacked by another player and we are asking no one attacks bases right now please, and YES it makes a log of all attacks on bases so I will know if ya do.  yes You do NOT need personnel, food, water, or O2 on the bases any more UNLESS you are building a new module of some kind. They you MUST re-stock the base with the max number of people, 200 per level, food and so forth.

Also, I have maxed out the health of the bases as well to make sure they are all set up well as some were very close to blowing up in fact. No longer will you need to worry about them while we are having these issues and we do hope to have the net working well again soon.

Please ...... Read More
written by Hooligan | 192 Views | 3 Replies
Here is a pic of 2 different trace routes. one from the server. Top left. And the  other trace rote from my machine to the forums. from the server machine you can see the trace times out after the vegas hub. Sometimes the denver hub either times out or just flat out pings almost 2000ms..

The bottom right trace route from my machine shows a bad connection at hub, which is a hub in Kansas.. It depends on where your net routes through on how your connection is is routed between you and the sites you ping/go to...

Try it for yourself. Open command prompt and use this command:  tracert website/IP  like so  tracert  or tracert .

The trace route will show you every hub your connection has to go through to get to whatever site you are trying to ping. It will also show you how it connects at each point by pinging each hub 3 times. A *  denotes a timeout ...... Read More
written by Glock | 705 Views | 26 Replies
I guess I need to clarify this:

Until the connection issues can be resolved. I highly recommend not even logging into the server. The server itself is working perfectly. And it will continue to ban characters. None of this nonsense will stop until the connection issues on the ISP's end, get fixed. There is absolutely nothing we can do about it. This is actually a nation wide issue we are experiencing here. And it does actually affect global connections as well. But being that our server is located within a couple hundred miles of the actual problem, we (the server itself) are most affected.

Again, unless you want to continuously have to ask me to unban characters, just don't login. Sorry. Now, I do not mind unbanning characters for ya'll. But it needs to be understood that this will continue until the ISP finally fixes the issues. For now, I highly recommend just making a list of all your characters that got banned and ...... Read More
written by Glock | 145 Views | 0 Replies
The staff and CHAOS players wants to remind ALL players this is not GC or any other server. this is CHAOS and though the name may sound like we are a crazy adult server we are not "adult" as we do have children and families playing here. Thus we respectfully ask ALL players to keep ALL chat lines family friendly at all times. As you can see by the current sanctions we DO read the chats, private chats as well and will sanction all players using curse words or foul talk. We desire RP talk always but you can RP without foul language, YES IT CAN BE DONE, we have been doing so here for over 10 years now. So please friends respect the people here, respect yourself and have a blast, in fact blast others but do so without using blasting language that is unfitting for human beings.
Although banning IS our last resort we sadly will ban you if we must, please do not make us ban you.
Thank you so much for your respectful RP fun.
written by Glock | 163 Views | 0 Replies


SUBMISSION ENDING DATE: 08/01/2016 11:59 PMOnce we have all the submissions in I will add them into a voting section and allow you all to vote for them.

Well GC has gone and done it to us again! They change then mod name and SCREWED US ALL UP. So our banner no longer works and so we need a new one AGAIN. GEESH SOME MODS I TELL YOU.

SOOOO Here are the ONLY rules to this one.

We need the EXACT same size as this one,
It MUST have DISCOVERING CHAOS in the name some how, some where, kinda like I did with it up there, see?

It must NOT have any nasty junk it in any ...... Read More
written by Hooligan | 194 Views | 0 Replies
UPDATE 7/4/16: We are very sorry for the outage. There is a glitch in the programming and we have yet to figure it out. Seems the updater, when it went down FRIED something and we cannot get it to go back up I guess. We are working with BIT to figure it out but do remember they are responsible for the Government in the town they service so we are not the biggest issue here. I HOPE to have Hooligan and BIT and TRON figure it out soon.

PLEASE do not give up on us as you know we are almost never offline and have not for the almost 10 years I have been running things. So it DOES happen and no offence to GC but this new mod has SERIOUS issues with it for US. We are not running a copy of the right OS for it and asking for the money to get a copy has not been something I wanted to throw at the people here. So not all the FLHook is working sorry to say and this MAY be another issues.

IF there are any GC ...... Read More
written by Glock | 189 Views | 0 Replies
It has come to my attention the Nomad ID we use here as been.........CHANGED once again. It seems it is only good for Gunboats and below now.


We only use ONE Nomad ID here so those sporting that ID CAN fly a VS with it.

Any other ISSUES with ID's please PM Glock about them so I can rant and rave and throw a fit and then CHANGE THEM. MUWAHAHAHAHAHAAH!

So if you see a feeler flying around in a Nomad BS and you see the ID says he can't fly that, HE CAN so be cool.

EDIT: WELL while in Reno last night i get this call from the "Pizza Repair Place" and of course I asked them to fix the flat tire I have so I can get home..... Now what the heck does THAT have to do with this post? The caller was Hooligan letting me know GC changed the files making it impossible to buy anything over a gunboat ...... Read More
written by Glock | 268 Views | 2 Replies
Due to some very UNPROFITABLE RUNS,  thinking that seems to now be the current mod Hooligan had a good idea to change the prices files back to what we had it before the new mod change.

SOOOOOOO!!!! if you remember what the runs were when we did the Christmas change, some time ago, you will be on your way to profit city. If not buy your info or DISCOVER it.

This does mean the smuggling runs are also back as well.  yay!

Have fun  and remember to donate your fair share to Don Lucky Luciano.

Sorry he made me say that.

written by Glock | 252 Views | 0 Replies
It is my desire to add some good smuggling runs into the game, GC has all but removed most of them. So put your thinking caps on and come up with some good ideas for some runs.

Here are the requirements I am looking for.


1.    Runs MUST be several systems from each other. The further away the more money they will make the smuggler....

2.    The items being smuggled cannot be purchased in any system near the sales area. Try to make sure there is no purchase points within the same distance as the first purchase point you come up with.

3.    Items MUST be illegal in most systems, although some times this is not always the case of course but for the majority of systems it should be illegal goods.

4.    Making the sale point in Gallic systems will be a major PLUS as we want to ...... Read More
written by Glock | 703 Views | 11 Replies
Hey folks Texas is having MORE bad weather so the server may go down here and there. If it does and the auto restart doesn't kick in please call me, Glock (Ron) so i can get it restarted. No matter the time just call.


written by Glock | 269 Views | 0 Replies
Okay folks for now you are welcome to fly as many ships as you wish or can handle.

Just remember, if you get pirated they WILL hit each ship for the pirating fees so be aware.


Go for it have fun make oooooodles of money, buy a class 10 base and stock it good.

written by Glock | 762 Views | 6 Replies
Well we knew it was coming and it did. BIT let me know they had to change the Server and Team Speak IP so currently we are not showing in the server listing again.

So you must add our IP to your arguments in the SHORTCUT to Flreelancer 4.88 it should look like this:
"C:\Users\NAME\Documents\Discovery Freelancer 4.88.1\EXE\Freelancer.exe" -s173.185.183.156:2302 -dx -newplayer -dptplayer -s8.28.152.247:2302

The other coding is for other goodies you can have running as I do.
I tried just adding our IP to the DSLaunchers "Option Arguments" Didn't do any good until I also added it to the shortcut. THEN BINGO ther ewe are again.

Here is BIT's note to me with the IP Changes:

Had to change IP's of the game servers and teamspeak host due to transfer to new ISP, you will need to update the IP's where needed.

Game Servers ...... Read More
written by Glock | 593 Views | 9 Replies
CHAOS is DIFFERENT, we all know this or should any how. We have been different since Xevious created PTC and bless him for it. PTC prided it's self on being a place where we could come to play without MASSIVE rules that made playing no fun, annoying, a place where people were banned quickly and the lists go on. MANY of us (ME included) came here from other places because of issues that made other places hard to play due to rule issues or staff that was hard to deal with and we found a home here. This is something I have tried to keep alive for the past 10 years.

However, even with that we still have our "RULES", keeping the newly formed "CHAOS SYSTEMS" out of thought right now, since there are virtually no rules up there in Gallic space aside from griefing, cursing rules and the like RP rules are well not there to give players a fun places to just ...... Read More
written by Glock | 596 Views | 11 Replies
Seems TRON & BIT had to move their business a LONG way away yesterday, across the street from their old business, can you imagine the move from that far away  Undecided due to the new owner of the building taken over locking the doors of the buildings he now owns and claiming everything inside as his own. They cannot take the chance of this happening to their equipment, specially if you know what they do for a real life, and no we are not what they do for a real life  cantlook specially since we don't pay they a thin dime they give us this server for FREE which is a pretty good deal and why we can't get to upset with them when we have an outage like this eh?

Any how they still have some work to do to get it all hooked up over there. So let's give them a break eh.

Oh and for you TECHIES out there we have been working on a 5 by 5 server but no longer! NOPE we will be running an 8 BY 8 SERVER NOW. MUWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! ...... Read More
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GC update was 14 hours ago - we still can't play here - odd?
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GC have updated the mod again.
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October 18, 2016, 02:49:59 pm
They are actually working on a fix. Just check the GC forums and you will see info on it.
October 18, 2016, 09:31:03 am
To be fair, the devs of the Discovery mod have been going out of their way to make tools like Companion incompatible with the mod for some time now...
October 17, 2016, 06:52:20 pm
Since the entire mod has been totally redone and that is a massively OLD program, who knows SLA. LOL Maybe some one has a fix though so let's hope so eh?
October 17, 2016, 01:28:33 pm
Freelancer Companion has stopped working for me.  Is there a fix or a new version?
October 12, 2016, 10:05:53 am
it's already been done peeps.
October 12, 2016, 08:50:39 am
October 11, 2016, 02:38:28 am
We will get it as soon as possible, sorry for the delay i had no idea there was another Down-Date.... rrrr... I mean "update". LOL
October 10, 2016, 02:25:44 pm
There's been another update - can someone please update our server...
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